What If? - 14th Edition - Aces and Eights

If you are a fan of TNA Wrestling or just pay attention to all the news that goes on in the industry, you have heard about Aces and Eights. Arguably, Aces and Eights is the biggest storyline going on in wrestling right now. A lot of questions have arisen on who is in Aces and Eights. A number of wrestlers have been rumored to be in this stable including the likes of D’Lo Brown, Luke Gallows and Cliff Compton, just to name a few. If you have been paying attention to Impact Wrestling, then there is a possibility that Aces and Eights have enough members to fill a small country. Who is in Aces and Eights? Who is the leader? When I start asking these questions a million different names pop in my head and of course, it makes me think of another column to write. This week I ask this question:


What if I chose the members of Aces and Eights?

Now before I get started, I decide to keep the number of people to a nice round number. I am going to name the top eight people I would like to see in Aces and Eights. If you want the whole guide on who might be in Aces and Eights, pick up the PWI 500. At least half of those guys are members. Joking aside, it’s SHOWTYME! (Sting reference!}


Bully Ray

I think it is very possible that Bully Ray is the leader of Aces and Eights. Why? Well he is kind of the perfect fit. Let’s be honest, he probably opened his closet to his closest one hundred cronies and Aces and Eights was born. Bully Ray has completely transformed himself over the last few years and Aces and Eights could be the next level in his evolution. Running a major stable that could possibly lead him to a World Title would be phenomenal. After all, no one deserves it more than he does. A guy his age just doesn’t evolve when it comes to professional wrestling but he completely went against all logic. Bully Ray is a piece of coal that finally got turned into a diamond and if he isn’t the leader of Aces and Eights in the real world, and my fantasy world, than there is something incredibly wrong with TNA.



Yeah I said it, Devon Dudley. Why you ask? Well wouldn’t someone like Devon be pretty ticked off at Hulk Hogan. I mean Hogan did say that the TV Title would be defended every week and for the past month or so it has rarely been seen. This isn’t completely out of the realm of logic. Let’s also not forget that he is the Brother of Bully Ray. Although they have parted ways for quite some time now, I can see these brothers getting back together to get the respect they deserve by the upper TNA brass.


Chris Masters

This is more of a fantasy pick to me. I think Chris Masters could be a perfect fit for TNA and this could be a great way to bring him in. He has been very vocal on wanting to get on the TNA roster and he has worked incredibly hard over the last few years to become a better in-ring wrestler. Chris Masters has always had a great look and I think its stupid that TNA hasn’t jumped on a chance to pick him up. He could be the muscle of Aces and Eights and maybe even become the star of the entire stable.



Why Crimson? Well shouldn’t a guy who has been mostly undefeated his entire career in TNA deserve some respect? Crimson has tons of reason to be mad at Hogan and Co. and I honestly don’t remember the last time Crimson has been on television. I may be in the minority here but I was actually starting to enjoy Crimson’s work. He has vastly improved his mic skills to the point where he cuts decent promos. He is still very green in the ring but shows signs that he can improve. Aces and Eights needs some young guys in the group and who better than Crimson to help keep the youth in a big TNA storyline.


Joey Ryan

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, my idea of why Aces and Eights are around is because there are a ton of people in TNA who should demand some respect. Joey Ryan was by far the most popular guy to ever come around on Gut Check. He showed us how great his character is and that he can wrestle the best that TNA has to offer. Having Joey Ryan come along once a month and disrupt things isn’t enough. Being a part of a huge stable filled with other wrestlers who demand respect would just be so fitting. Joey Ryan is meant to be a star and this could catapult him into the main event down the road.


Jeff Jarrett

Remember when this guy used to run TNA? If there is anyone in the history of TNA to ever get the shaft, it is Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett created TNA for heaven’s sake; maybe he should still have a piece of the pie. There is no one in the company that should be more upset and more anti-Hogan regime than Jeff Jarrett. What better way to get back at the company than to destroy everything in sight? I may have said I want Bully Ray to lead the charge but I could see Jeff Jarrett being the mastermind behind the whole thing. Let’s be serious for a second, who wouldn’t want to see a Hogan vs. Jarrett match?! Just kidding!



He already wears leather jackets and flannel, so this would be a perfect combination. His storyline with his so called brother never really had an ending. Where is Abyss? Why has he disappeared? What was Park getting too close to? There are too many unanswered questions about Abyss and his whereabouts that having him return with Aces and Eights would be perfect. He also likes to wear masks! Abyss needs a revival and Aces and Eights could be a good chance to get him back to the level he used to be at.


Eric Bischoff

Of course I would save the best for last. Eric Bischoff, the bearer of great talent such as Garrett Bischoff. He was shunned off TV by the likes of Hogan and he was banished from wrestling forever. Of course, any evil doer always has a plan to come back. Maybe Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett are only ploys for the real supreme leader of Aces and Eights. Team Bischoff vs. Team Hogan at Bound for Glory sounds like something that would be possible. As much as I hate Bischoff, I do think there is a place and a time for him. I actually did enjoy his years on RAW and maybe just maybe they can figure out how to use him correctly in TNA. If anything, it would be interesting.


I know this is all fantasy booking and speculation but I think this rag tag group of individuals could match up against the top guys in TNA right now. When you have two groups of people that are larger than life, you always want them to look equal in some capacity. Most likely none of this may never happen, but we can always wonder:


-David Martell, DirtSheets.com

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