Superstar Highlight - 29th Edition - Christopher Daniels

This week: Christopher Daniels

List of Accomplishments: APW World Wide Internet Champion, 2000 King of the Indies Tournament Winner, Natural Heavyweight Champion, ECWA Heavyweight Champion x2, 2000 & 2004 Super 8 Tournament Winner, EWF Heavyweight Champion, FWA British Heavyweight Champion, ICW Tag Team Champion, 2010 Impact Cup Winner, British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Champion, 2002 Futaritabi Tag Team League Winner, MCW Tag Team Champion, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, NWA Midwest Tag Team Champion, PWF United States Champion, 3PW World Heavyweight Champion, Zero1-Max United States Openweight Champion, RoH World Tag Team Champion x2, RoH World Television Champion, NWA world Tag Team Champion x6, TNA World Tag Team Champion x2, TNA X Division Champion x4, 2004 World X Cup Co-Winner, UPW Heavyweight Champion x2, WCPW League Champion, WCPW Lightweight Champion, WCPW Middleweight Champion, WCPW Tag Team Champion, WPW Heavyweight Champion, WWC World Tag Team Champion



Early Career: Christopher Daniels was trained in Chicago at the Windy City Pro Wrestling and made his wrestling debut for the promotion in April of 1993. Daniels would wrestle around the Northeast of the United States for much of his early career and would make sporadic appearances for the WWF between 1998 and 2001 as a jobber. Daniels would also make one appearance for WCW before they were closed down in January of 2001. Daniels would continue to tour the United States and the rest of the world after finishing up his time with the Big Two here in America. 


RoH: Daniels reputation as “The King of the Indies” led to him becoming one of the “founding fathers” of Ring of Honor when the promotion opened it's doors in February of 2002. His refusal to follow the Code of Honor lead to him becoming the company's first top heel. Daniels would also founded The Prophecy to attempt to kill the Code of Honor and rebuild Ring of Honor in his own image. Daniels, along with his fellow Prophecy member Donovan Morgan, would be the first team to capture the RoH Tag Team Championships. 

Eventually, The Prophecy would hold all of the Ring of Honor Championships when Xavier defeated Low-Ki. However, just as soon as this happened, Daniels & Morgan would lose the tag titles to AJ Styles & Amazing Red and Xavier would soon lose the RoH Championship to Samoa Joe. The Prophecy would also end up fighting off Steve Corino's “Group” and forcing them to dissolve just as soon they formed to fight them off. After thwarting “The Group”, The Prophecy would soon face off against The Second City Saints, lead by CM Punk. The groups would put their existences on the line in a six man tag team match in January of 2004. The Prophecy would end up getting disqualified and Daniels would get Pepsi Plunged through a table on the outside by CM Punk, writing him off from RoH due to the working agreement between TNA and RoH being terminated.

Daniels would make two returns to Ring of Honor. His first return occurred in 2005 where he returned at Death Before Dishonor III to confront and challenge then RoH World Champion, CM Punk, about his leaving RoH for the WWE. He would eventually steal the championship from Punk and face him in a one hour time limit draw. Daniels would fail to win the championship a second time in a four way elimination match and would then move to a three match series with Matt Sydal (better known recently as Evan Bourne). Daniels would defeat Sydal twice before Sydal would beat him, which lead to Daniels respecting Sydal. The two would form a tag team and would chase after the RoH World Tag Team Titles. The two would find success in November of 2006 after defeating The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero). The two defend the titles three times before losing them in February of 2007. Daniels would leave RoH again in April of 2007. Daniels would return to RoH once again in April of 2010 to chase after the RoH World Title once again. Daniels, however, would fail once his chance finally arrived to win the championship. Daniels, however, would win the RoH World Television Championship on Ring of Honor Wrestling on December 10th, 2010. Daniels would hold the championship for 198 days before losing to El Generico at the Best in the World 2011 iPPV. This would be his final appearance in Ring of Honor before returning to TNA full time.


TNA: Christopher Daniels had his debut match in TNA on July 10th, 2002 in a six way X Division Match. Daniels would lose and would disappear for a long while before reappearing as a member of Vince Russo's SEX stable. Daniels, Low Ki, and Elix Skipper would be labeled as Triple X and would quickly go on to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Daniels early days in TNA were marred in feuds with America's Most Wanted along with his Triple X teammates (mainly Elix Skipper). Triple X, however, would go on to hold the NWA World Tag Team Championships three times. 

Once Triple X was forced to disband when they lost an epic steel cage match against America's Most Wanted at Turning Point 2004, Daniels set out on his singles career in TNA in earnest. Daniels set his sights on the TNA X Division Championship and it's holder, AJ Styles. The two would trade the championship a few times and would continue to feud for most of 2005. Samoa Joe would eventually be added to the mix and soon, Christopher Daniels would be involved in another legendary TNA match at Unbreakable 2005. Daniels would beat both AJ Styles & Samoa Joe to win three of his four X Division Titles.

Daniels would eventually turn face and pair with his greatest rival, AJ Styles, in the summer of 2006. The two would trade the NWA World Tag Team Titles with the Latin American Xchange for most of 2006. Daniels & Styles would hold the belts on two occasions during the feud. Daniels would feud with various opponents for all of 2007 before getting the “Fired” briefcase in the Feast of Fired match in December. Daniels would disappear and would use his Curry Man persona on screen. Curry Man would pair up with Super Eric & Shark Boy to form a sort of superhero team called “The Prince Justice Brotherhood”. Curry Man, however, would fall to the same fate as Daniels did and would come up with the “Fired” briefcase in the same kind of match at Final Resolution 2008. Daniels would fill in for Frankie Kazarian as Suicide when he got injured. Daniels would win his last X Division Title before vacating the Suicide role when Frankie had healed up.


Christopher Daniels would return to his “Fallen Angel” gimmick when he returned as a face in April of 2009. Daniels would continue to drift from feud to feud for his remaining time in TNA before he got released in March of 2010. Daniels would return to TNA at the end of January of 2011. Daniels would eventually become a member of Fortune to help them defeat Immortal in the Lethal Lockdown. A few weeks later, he would officially be named a member of the group. When Fortune disbanded, Daniels would continue to team up with Kazarian. The two have gone on to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles twice and have feuded with AJ Styles for the past year and a half.



~Our first match is the second greatest match in TNA history in my opinion. A fantastic tag team match between Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper as they take on James Storm & Chris Harris inside the steel cage. Both team's existence are on line and these four men pulled out an absolutely jaw dropping match-up. 


~You could build a library around how many matches AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have had against each, tagging with each other, tagging against each other. This bout comes from their feud in 2005 and takes place at Bound for Glory. This particular match-up is a thirty minute Iron Man Match for the X Division Championship and is another one of their great match-ups.


~This next match is yet another rematch between Daniels, Styles, and Samoa Joe. This one, however, is for the TNA World Heavyweight Title from Turning Point 2009. Any time these three guys get in the ring together is money for TNA and this particular match up is no exception.


Opinion: I've never thought Daniels was a tremendous wrestler. He's good, don't get me wrong, but he's not great. He can carry himself and somebody else to a good match but his true value lays in two things. His first, Daniels has great ring psychology. He's a great in ring storyteller and that is what makes his matches so good. Secondly, Daniels is most definitely a mic guy. His promos are second to none (especially recently) in TNA and, I dare say, in wrestling today. He's also one of the first guys I think of when somebody brings up TNA. AJ Styles and himself are probably of the biggest reasons why TNA is still around today.


-Paul Leazar,